TOP 05 free music apps that make you the most satisfied 2021
TOP 05 free music apps that make you the most satisfied 2021

TOP 05 free music apps that make you the most satisfied 2021

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  • 11. Sonnerie Telephone

    Sonnerie Telephone music streaming application, namely Ringrone Free Music. This very easy to use application supports all platforms. Almost the same as Spotify, Pandora Music provides a free and paid version.

    Free download here: Sonnerie Telephone

    If you subscribe to the free version, you can only skip a few music tracks per day. However, if you use the paid version of Sonnerie Telephone Music, you can skip the music you don't like as often as you want.

    However, it is unfortunate because the song collection owned by Pandora Music is not too large because there are only about 1 million songs available. Sonnerie Telephone comes in free or paid versions priced at USD $ 4.99 per month and $ 54.89 per year.

    2. Free music player

    Not only for watching videos, the article Youtube also provides a special playlist for those of you who want to listen to songs in streaming. Of course, you must be connected to the internet when using the Free music player application.

    Here, you can listen to songs from all the content on YouTube. Also, you can directly share the song on your other social media, Facebook for example. Well, you are also free to make play lists of your favorite songs, not to mention that you can also listen to everything else in the Free music player . Want?

    3. LiveXLive

    Basically, LiveXLive is a pretty good music streaming app, but it doesn't get much appreciation from smartphone users. The free version of Slacker Radio allows you to skip 6 songs per hour.

    Meanwhile, if you are using the paid version, then you can listen to songs offline, skip songs to your heart's content, and listen to songs without ads. You can also create a playlist of songs of your choice. However, LiveXLive only has a collection of 12 million songs, which means only a third of the music collection offered by Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

    4. TIDAL Music

    TIDAL Music is an interesting music streaming service, as it reportedly has the highest royalty payment rates for musicians and offers a collection of 60 million songs along with 130,000 music videos.

    Over time, the quality of TIDAL Music has become even better. However, because this application provides the highest royalty payments to reward the work of the musicians whose music you listen to here, you will have to pay USD $ 9.99 or $ 19.99 per month to be able to use TIDAL Music.

    5. TuneIn

    Maybe TuneIn is not the best online music app, but it provides more than 100,000 radio stations covering categories of music, comedy, sports, and many more. There are also AM and FM radios in your area.

    TuneIn is available for free, but if you buy the version which costs USD $ 7.99 per month, you get access to 600 commercial music stations and no ads as long as you stream on the app.

    Currently, the most popular online music streaming application in Indonesia is Spotify, but you can also try other applications that we recommend above. Listening to your favorite music can now be done anywhere as long as your device supports the application and is equipped with an internet connection.

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