[Online Program] Humor Resources Department
[Online Program] Humor Resources Department

[Online Program] Humor Resources Department


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  • In the workplace, humor has faded because it tends to initiate harassment. While the others have no audacity at all to practice humor at work
    But, will we just waste the humor's benefits at the workplace, such as for boosting creativity, relationship, productivity, and even profit especially in this global pandemic?
    So, why don't we establish the new HRD a.k.a. Humor Resources Department to take humor at work seriously!
    It is actually an online event that is only happening once in Indonesia, organized by Institut Humor Indonesia Kini (IHIK3), with intriguing add-ons!

    • Firstly, you can interact directly to Aaker & Bagdonas on their 30 minutes live session;
    • Then, you may join the “Humor at Work” online workshop by IHIK3 shortly after;
    • Also you will get their newest book “Humor, Seriously” on hardcover and ebook edition;
    • You may also join their WhatsApp Bootcamp for 21 days to deeply understand their material on applying humor to your life better;
    • Lastly, need to practice the theory you got? Here goes the interactive workbook too for you!

    Register now to get 40% discount! For more info, go to website: http://ihik3.com/2021/03/humor-resources-department/ or follow Instagram: @ihik3

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